The Benefits of a Professional Photographer

Professional photographers are not a dime a dozen, even though Facebook is flooded with people who claim to be professional. There is a big difference between a professional photographer and someone with a nice camera. Whether you want to document a wedding, graduation, First Holy Communion, anniversary party, family reunion or celebrate a newborn; a professional photographer offers benefits no one else can match. All of these events are important life milestones, especially a wedding, which happens just once in most people’s lives.

Artistic Vision


A professional photographer has artistic vision different from someone who simply takes pictures with a camera. As you browse a portfolio, look for different poses, color schemes, perspectives and angles. Along the line of angles, a professional photographer will be able to photograph you using flattering angles for all different body types so you know you will look your best.

A professional photographer in New Jersey will never hesitate to get out of their comfort zone. Each photoshoot they conduct will be different from the last, even if it involves the same subjects.



It’s easy to tell the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur. All you need to do is look at the pictures to find the photographer’s skill level. Professional photographers like to take control over the scene instead of setting their camera to auto and letting it do all the work. As you browse a portfolio, take note of the following:

  • Composition: Is the subject of the shoot in the center of every photo or are the images well composed?

  • Focus: Are the main subjects of the shoot fuzzy or blurry? Are the subjects in the photoshoot sharp and in focus?

  • Background: What is the first thing you notice in the photos? The background? Does the background take away from the subject?

  • Lighting: Is the lighting flat or does it give the subject dimension? Flat lighting can come from the flash on a camera.



A professional photographer knows how to edit, hands down. Editing is an important part of photography. There’s more to this skill than just snapping pictures with a camera and printing them. A New Jersey professional photographer knows how to edit the pictures on a computer for a unique style, removing blemishes, ensuring the correct color, softening under the eyes, making a sunset pop, and giving your photo a little something extra.



The age-old adage “You get what you pay for” is true in every industry, including photography. When looking for a professional photographer in New Jersey it’s not always best to go with the most affordable option. Professional photographers must take into account the cost of doing business when setting their rates. This can include any of the following:

  • Marketing

  • Utilities

  • Payroll

  • Web hosting

  • Phone

  • Insurance 

  • Education

  • Taxes

  • Packaging for products

  • Equipment

  • Maintenance 

  • Software

Professional photographers must also take into account the cost of a professional lab. If your photographer ever sends you to a box store to have your images printed, then they are not a professional. It’s always recommended to have important images printed with quality materials, which your photographer can help you with. 

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Guest photos in this post were provided by and with permission of the bride.